Activities for Intimacy during Covid 19

Activities for Intimacy during Covid 19

During this time of confinement, you might find a million things to fight about with your partner, but with fighting comes making up. Making up offers lots of ways to create and or reinforce intimacy and come to a greater understanding with your partner or even reigniting a spark. Here are some fun ways to make up or light a spark and enjoy your time with a partner and a little section of fun tools with no partner. Be aware that you should be practicing with a partner that is not new to you to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. 


Strip Cards 

Strip poker, strip speed, strip black jack, who cares, get naked with each other. Try to bring some fun into your confinement and really take the time during a game like this to appreciate and compliment each others bodies, regardless of how many cookies or bowls of pasta you have been eating. No one’s judging. 


Kama Sutra 

Light some candles, ready the body oils, and try out some new positions. Be sure that you are careful to ask your partner before trying new positions and know your partner’s trauma or triggers before engaging in sexual positions. Then have at it! You may find new ways to pleasure each other that can increase bonding and soothe over the cares of the day. 



Here are the sex toys I recommend for personal pleasure or to use with a partner: Svakom’s Adonis, We-Vibe’s Unite, or the tried-and-true Hitachi Magic Wand. The use of toys is a great way to understand what a partner likes and or what you like in the bedroom. Take the shame out of masturbation with partnered play. 


Relationship Cards 

I recommend these cards for daily use or weekly use with your partner to get to the bottom of issues or also to just learn more about how your partner communicates. Using this time for learning about your partner will make your relationship stronger in the long haul. 

Here are the cards my husband and I use: Intimacy Deck by BestSelf. 


If you are finding it difficult to connect or fight, please refer to my blog here, or contact me for a Zoom session. I am accepting new clients via Zoom.

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