Strategies for Maintaining Sanity During the Holidays

Strategies for Maintaining Sanity During the Holidays

Strategies for Maintaining Sanity help facing triggers encountered during the Holidays. We work so hard year round to fend off triggers and then on this one Thursday, KA BOOM!! So easy to spiral. I wanted to offer some ways to reframe the day, say no to the day altogether, and also my top five ways to stay sober. If you are on the other side of this and are reading it, you might have a cousin, friend, uncle, or parent who suffers from eating disorders, addiction, or other trauma, so be extra sensitive of how you communicate. Do not project how they are feeling, use I statements, and be kind, because it is the holidays.

When to Just Say No:

If you suffer from eating-related traumas or recover from disorders, you can easily say no to Thanksgiving and do what makes you feel nourished instead. We would offer this advice in addiction circumstances as well. Depending on where you are in your recovery, sometimes it is easier to avoid the event. Make other plans, that is a gift to yourself during the holidays.

When to put up Advance Guideposts:

If you feel like you want to spend the holidays where their may be triggers, then advance warn a family member or buddy that you trust to be a support to you. Whether that is a squeeze on the hand or someone to call a hail mary to go get take out, if things get too intense.

5 Strategies for Maintaining Sanity during the Holidays

  1. Canned Answers: Have canned answers to the questions that can send you spiraling. Weight? Marital Status? Can it.
  2. Avoid Avoid Avoid: Is there someone who absolutely always makes your blood boil? Avoid them, AND have a canned answer bank.
  3. Plan the days: Do you have a number of days, not just Thanksgiving to deal with? Plan them out and carve out personal time for meditation or maybe a spa day. Invite a family member to spend time doing yoga. This should be a go to strategy.
  4. Out of Town Support:Look up groups in the area. There are so many apps and resources for trauma and addiction, you can seek daily supports.
  5. Keep it Simple: Do not try to do too much, see too many people, or commit to too much. Be easy on yourself. This can even go down to how many sides you agree to cook or people pleasing prior. Remember, it is just a day to have gratitude- frame it as such.

Need more advanced strategies outside of Strategies for Maintaining Sanity during the Holidays? I accept Zoom appointments expressly to tackle the holidays. Reach out! 

Here is also a podcast on the Holidaze! 


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