How to Properly Apologize: Sorry not Sorry Podcast with therapist Julia LMFT

032: How to Properly Apologize: Sorry, Not Sorry

Episode 032: How to Properly Apologize: Sorry, Not Sorry addresses apologies that really miss the mark. There are some key components to a sincere apology and I see the repercussions of bad apologies all the time. A poor apology leads to resentment and rarely to improved behavior or is indicative of true change on behalf of a partner. Are you really sorry? Are you taking accountability for changing behavior? Listen in to learn How to Properly Apologize in a way that is meaningful, takes accountability, and initiates change.

EVERYONE needs to know how to properly apologize and take accountability for hurt feelings, for mistakes, and for things that they contributed to that impacted another person negatively. When you start apologizing properly, your relationships really change for the better and you will start to experience more personal freedom. You know when you give and you get a bad apology and it is time to really own up for what you can change.

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