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My podcast is a resource for my patients, recovering sex addicts, partners of addicts, and those suffering from sex and gender related trauma. Basically, anyone looking to learn more about sexual identity, the field of sex therapy, and how to tackle problems that are holding you back from attaining and sustaining healthy relationships.

My approach is sex positive and irreverent so when I preach about sex, sabotage, and salvation, it is not meant to offend anyone and if this offends you, please consider another podcast. Please consider this space a forum for going deep into our issues, identities, and the constructions that we are operating within. Be considerate of participants commenting and please submit your comments and suggestions across social media, and on the site! All are welcome here! If you are looking to book a session and learn more about my specific treatment plans visit


Valentine's Day 2020

015: Valentine’s Day 2020 with Julia LMFT

Valentine’s Day 2020 is Friday and what better way to gear up for romance than to listen to a podcast that unearths ancient truths and laments the current state of this saccharine and commercialized holiday. Julia undresses the issues around obligations, exclusion, trauma, and suggests how couples may feel closer on this holiday, and every

Goop Lab Review

014: Pop Culture Spotlight: Woop Woop Goop!

Goop Lab Episode 3 tackled some very controversial issues in their Netflix Special and Julia Alperovich LMFT dives right in to deconstruct the pop culture expose of the vulva and female orgasm. This podcast episode is a spoiler for the Goop Lab Episode, beware, and Julia touches on some of the more complicated aspects of

Undressing the Issue LIVE with Ronda Hale

013: Interview on Commitment with Atelier to the Stars, Ronda Hale

Julia dives into the issue of commitment with atelier to the stars, Ronda Hale. Ronda and Julia met shortly before Julia’s wedding and the two immediately hit it off. This interview is the culmination of Commitment Month. Commitment is tricky business and whether you have internal barriers to commitment, modern barriers to commitment, or struggle

Internal Barriers to Commitment

012: Internal Barriers to Commitment

If you have not noticed, this January I am focused on commitment in lieu of resolutions. Last week, we explored the modern barriers to commitment in internet dating and I went into more detail in my blog, and this week, I am undressing the issues around Internal Barriers to Commitment. Undressing attachment style, self-esteem, communication,

barriers to commitment

010: Modern Barriers to Commitment

New Year, New Resolutions, but what about the commitment to partners or rather recommitting to existing partners? In this episode of Undressing the Issue, Julia LMFT explores the modern barriers to the commitment and the traditional covenant that commitment represented in the past. Disposable partners, dehumanized profiles, unlimited selection of partners that are the projection

011: Good Sex vs Bad Sex

011: Good Sex vs Bad Sex

What is Good Sex and What is Bad Sex? Clinically speaking, the difference between good sex and bad sex is in the end result and what is behind the sex. Sex is never about sex. Repeat. If sex is causing problems, preoccupations, and damages your life, or rather that the sex has consequences, consider it

Safety seeking vs pain shopping

009: Safety Seeking vs Pain Shopping

Julia Alperovich LMFT explores the difference between Safety Seeking and Pain Shopping behaviors in relationships. Seeking safety and making requests of a partner that move a relationship forward from betrayal and build trust differ from Pain Shopping behaviors. Understand how to move forward and heal from betrayal trauma in this episode.   Youtube SoundCloud

Dating and Self Esteem

008: Dating

Welcome to the Dating Episode. Julia undresses issues around self-esteem and authenticity in those first moments of connection, that lead to dating. Whether you are online dating or dating IRL, there are some very real risks to your sanity and mind fields waiting to be uncovered. Protect yourself and always start date with what can

Attachment Podcast

006: Introduction to Attachment

Julia offers the first in a series on Attachment, Introduction to Attachment. Avoidant, Anxious, Anxious Avoidant? Which resonates with you and your relationships, or are you securely attached? This episode covers these subjects and all areas in between. For so many people this information represents a turning point in their understanding of their relationship struggles

Narcissism with Julia Alperovich

007: What is a Narcissist? Part 1

Julia Alperovich takes a preliminary dive into the diagnosed personality disorder, Narcissism. She dispels the many misconceptions and misdiagnoses of a common Narcissist in What is a Narcissist? Malignant Narcissist vs Fragile Narcissist, Narcissism in Sex Addiction and more about narcissism available in this introductory episode. Alperovich will be exploring this topic further as it

005: Boundaries Are Requests For Safety, Not Punishments

Julia explores boundary setting and the importance of boundaries in this episode of Undressing the Issue. Boundaries are not punishments, they are requests for safety in any relationship. From friendships to work relationships, clear boundaries establish protocols for acceptable behavior. Boundaries can change as relationships change and the communication of these boundaries are paramount for

004: Mental Health in Pop Culture: The Joker & Mom Issues

The Joker with Joaquin Phoenix takes center stage in a debate between Julia and partner Ted Regulski on the mental health issues raised by this controversial film. On one hand, The Joker can be viewed as an embodiment of mother issues and enmeshment, on the other, the wounds can result from other trauma. Warning this

003: Betrayal Trauma

Julia explores how betrayal trauma originates in primary relationships and how it can resurface in adult relationships. In many instances, the pain from betrayal trauma can deeply impact performance in life and lead to fear-based action rather than goal-oriented actions. Learning to cope with perceived betrayals versus actual betrayals will help you distinguish the motivations

002: Rescuing And Resentment

In this episode of Undressing the Issue, Julia explores the distinction between rescue and resentment and the implications these behaviors and feelings can have on relationships. When you rescue and build resentment, you are not being honest with yourself. Remember you cannot be resentful if you agree to it. If you are struggling with the

001: Welcome to Undressing the Issue

Welcome to Undressing the Issue Podcast. In this opening episode, Julia Alperovich LMFT explains her professional and personal journey. From wife of a sex addict to therapist, from East to West Coast, and every emotion in between. This is a must listen! Soundcloud Youtube Apple Google-play

Strategies for Maintaining Sanity During the Holidays

Strategies for Maintaining Sanity During the Holidays

Strategies for Maintaining Sanity help facing triggers encountered during the Holidays. We work so hard year round to fend off triggers and then on this one Thursday, KA BOOM!! So easy to spiral. I wanted to offer some ways to reframe the day, say no to the day altogether, and also my top five ways

Personalization Cognitive Distortion

Personalization Cognitive Distortion: It is not all about you

Personalization Cognitive Distortion: It is not all about you   Personalization Cognitive Distortion: It is not all about you is a quick roadmap to what is and is not about you. Personalization is one of many cognitive distortions that can reak havoc on your relationships. It reaks the most havoc on your relationship with yourself. If

2020 Self Care Holiday Edition: You Soothe You

2020 Self Care Holiday Edition: You Soothe You

Welcome to the 2020 Self Care Holiday Edition: You Soothe You. Its’ been quite a year. The last thing ANYONE needs is to feel even worse, and then come the holidays. If you have not already, take a watch on my Youtube for a special message, click here, and read below for strategies to soothe

What is Big T Trauma and Little t Trauma

What is Big T Trauma and Little t Trauma

What is trauma? As a therapist, when I refer to trauma, I am referring to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Here I am going to discuss what this is comprised of and what the determinations are for this diagnosis. What is Big T Trauma A lot of people think of dramatic events that have left an

Open letter to my ex husband

Letter to my Ex-Husband, I blamed myself

Dear You-Know-Who-You-Are,    It has been 9 years since we ended our marriage and went our separate ways. The way in which our marriage ended was the most traumatic thing I have ever been through. It broke me.  Over the last 9 years, I have worked diligently to heal emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually and physically

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