Episode 30 Relationship OCD with Julia LMFT

030: Relationship OCD with Therapist Julia LMFT

Relationship OCD, what is it, do I have it? This podcast subject was suggested by a follower on Instagram and it is so relevant with today’s dating climate. Let’s dive in briefly:

Who is the person with Relationship OCD?

Someone who is constantly questioning their relationships. Is this as good as it gets? OCD is an anxiety disorder and Relationship OCD is more than normal questioning or relationships. Obsessions are recurring thoughts, urges, images, and things you cannot stop playing in your minds. These interfere with the ability to function, and we look for ways to neutralize these. The way a person neutralizes these obsessive thoughts, urges images, are the Compulsions. These are behaviors, mental acts, drive to perform something, a ritual, or something that helps us get out of the obsessive thinking. The compulsions are supposed to get you out of the thinking. Many times the connection is not realistic. Listen to how this applies to relationships and please reach out if you have a subject like  Relationship OCD that you would like on the podcast!



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