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My podcast is a resource for my patients, recovering sex addicts, partners of addicts, and those suffering from sex and gender related trauma. Basically, anyone looking to learn more about sexual identity, the field of sex therapy, and how to tackle problems that are holding you back from attaining and sustaining healthy relationships.

My approach is sex positive and irreverent so when I preach about sex, sabotage, and salvation, it is not meant to offend anyone and if this offends you, please consider another podcast. Please consider this space a forum for going deep into our issues, identities, and the constructions that we are operating within. Be considerate of participants commenting and please submit your comments and suggestions across social media, and on the site! All are welcome here! If you are looking to book a session and learn more about my specific treatment plans visit


The FOO Family of Origin and You with Julia LMFT podcast

031: The FOO Family of Origin and You with Julia LMFT

031: The FOO Family of Origin and You with Julia LMFT is a pillar podcast. The way we developed from an early age in our family or origin, including mothers and fathers, mothers and mothers, grandparents, or adoptive parents, have a significant impact on how we interact in relationships today and how we express needs.

Episode 30 Relationship OCD with Julia LMFT

030: Relationship OCD with Therapist Julia LMFT

Relationship OCD, what is it, do I have it? This podcast subject was suggested by a follower on Instagram and it is so relevant with today’s dating climate. Let’s dive in briefly: Who is the person with Relationship OCD? Someone who is constantly questioning their relationships. Is this as good as it gets? OCD is

Self Care Episode 29 of Undressing the Issue with LA Therapist Julia LMFT

029: Self Care with Julia LMFT

Self Care with Julia LMFT explores; What is Self Care? Where does it come from? Why do we need it? I explore this topic this week. It actually derives from a needs pyramid, so we go over that too. I also break down what a good routine looks like and a bad one and the

New Years Eve with Top Los Angeles Sex Therapist Julia Alperovich

028: New Years Eve with Top Los Angeles Sex Therapist Julia Alperovich

New Years Eve with Top Los Angeles Sex Therapist Julia Alperovich! What do I do on New Year’s Eve? I certainly do not make resolutions, but I do make lists and practice reflections. I will take some lessons with me and leave some behind. Some things you may not even know you accomplished, so it

Communication Lessons with LA Based Therapist Julia Alperovich LMFT

027: Communication Lessons with LA Based Therapist Julia Alperovich LMFT

Communication Lessons with LA Based Therapist Julia Alperovich LMFT. FINALLY!!! The Communication Episode! It is high time that I give a talk about communication. It impacts every facet of our personal and professional relationships and poor communication skills can wreck both. Here are some styles of communication and ways to check your own methods for


026: Trauma and Therapy

Trauma. What is it? Is a big event, assault, home burning down, or abuse the only cause of trauma? What about lots of small hurts? In this episode of Undressing the Issue, I break down trauma. From diagnostics, symptoms, how we might not perceive behaviors as PTSD, and how to recognize when we need help.

External Validation Image Undressing the Issue

025: External Validation

What is External Validation, Why do we seek it, How can it help us, How can it hurt us? I dive into all the ways external validation can be a great tool and also a real saboteur to relationships. If it is attention-seeking, it can be a lot to take and can develop into a

Podcast 22, What happens in therapy exactly

024: What happens in therapy, exactly?

What happens in therapy, exactly? Is it pillow punching, blaming mom, awkward hugging for hours on end? No, well not all the time. Modern therapeutic practices vary widely from what they are popularly imagined. Goops not doing us any favors removing stigmas around therapy either. Tune in to find out what really happens in therapy,

Is my partner an addict or an asshole

023: Is my Partner an Addict, or just an Asshole?

Is my Partner an Addict, or just an Asshole? This is one of the most common questions I get asked in sessions by betrayed partners. The answer is not simple. In this episode of Undressing the Issue, I dive into the question, the underlying feelings, and the way forward from this question. Spoiler alert, in

Anger. Where it comes from, What we can do about it.

022: Anger. Where it comes from, What we can do about it.

Anger. Where it comes from, What we can do about it.  Is it natural? Julia LMFT Undresses the Issues around ANGER, offering tools to reframe, without shame, the way we are understanding one another and anger, without judgment. This is a must listen. #blacklivesmatter #blacktranslivesmatter If you are feeling anger as a result of pain

Sex Addiction 101 with Julia Alperovich LMFT

021: Sex Addiction 101 with Julia Alperovich LMFT

Sex Addiction 101 with Julia Alperovich LMFT is the 21st episode of Undressing the Issue Podcast and Julia explains what sex addiction is, what are some of the underlying causes or theories surrounding it, how loved ones can seek help, and how addicts can seek help. Explore what recovery options and learn more about the

Interview with Dr. Kate Balestrieri

020:Julia LMFT Interview with Dr. Kate Balestrieri

What’s better than coffee talk? Coffee talk with therapists about covert rage, entitlement, and dick pics. Welcome to my Interview with Dr. Kate Balestrieri. We discuss dating and dick pics, along with latent emotions that are behind the craze. Tune in for more! Zoom appointments still available at Youtube  Soundcloud  Love Dr. Kate Baletrieri?

Julia Interviews Podcast

019: Julia Interviews Monifa Ellis-Addie, MA, AMFT

Julia LMFT interviews former phone sex operator and colleague Monifa Ellis-Addie MA, AMFT. Tune in as they undress issues in their field. Who they are, how they got into the field of sex and relationship therapy, and what some of the current issues they face. Special deep dive into Betrayal Trauma and Sex Addiction. Youtube 

Covid 19 and the impact of triggers

017: Triggers in the Time of Covid 19

Julia LMFT defines the triggers and physiological responses to triggers during Covid 19 pandemic. Julia LMFT explores the ways that access to resources, change in routine, and group think can be triggers for past trauma and offers plans and tips to get yourself back to stasis. Contact for appointments on Zoom or remote, and

Undressing the Issue: Betrayal and Back

016: Betrayal and Back, Where have I been?

Betrayal traumas are hard to read sometimes and therapists get triggered too. I have been going through some complex emotions related to past trauma that I share on this podcast episode. Here are my top tips to finding a way up and out of paralyzing emotions. Knowing yourself is always paramount to knowing your trauma

Valentine's Day 2020

015: Valentine’s Day 2020 with Julia LMFT

Valentine’s Day 2020 is Friday and what better way to gear up for romance than to listen to a podcast that unearths ancient truths and laments the current state of this saccharine and commercialized holiday. Julia undresses the issues around obligations, exclusion, trauma, and suggests how couples may feel closer on this holiday, and every

Goop Lab Review

014: Pop Culture Spotlight: Woop Woop Goop!

Goop Lab Episode 3 tackled some very controversial issues in their Netflix Special and Julia Alperovich LMFT dives right in to deconstruct the pop culture expose of the vulva and female orgasm. This podcast episode is a spoiler for the Goop Lab Episode, beware, and Julia touches on some of the more complicated aspects of

Undressing the Issue LIVE with Ronda Hale

013: Interview on Commitment with Atelier to the Stars, Ronda Hale

Julia dives into the issue of commitment with atelier to the stars, Ronda Hale. Ronda and Julia met shortly before Julia’s wedding and the two immediately hit it off. This interview is the culmination of Commitment Month. Commitment is tricky business and whether you have internal barriers to commitment, modern barriers to commitment, or struggle

2020 Self Care Holiday Edition: You Soothe You

2020 Self Care Holiday Edition: You Soothe You

Welcome to the 2020 Self Care Holiday Edition: You Soothe You. Its’ been quite a year. The last thing ANYONE needs is to feel even worse, and then come the holidays. If you have not already, take a watch on my Youtube for a special message, click here, and read below for strategies to soothe

What is Big T Trauma and Little t Trauma

What is Big T Trauma and Little t Trauma

What is trauma? As a therapist, when I refer to trauma, I am referring to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Here I am going to discuss what this is comprised of and what the determinations are for this diagnosis. What is Big T Trauma A lot of people think of dramatic events that have left an

Open letter to my ex husband

Letter to my Ex-Husband, I blamed myself

Dear You-Know-Who-You-Are,    It has been 9 years since we ended our marriage and went our separate ways. The way in which our marriage ended was the most traumatic thing I have ever been through. It broke me.  Over the last 9 years, I have worked diligently to heal emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually and physically

How to deal with toxic primary caregivers

How to Deal with a Toxic Primary Caregiver; You’re wearing that?

How to Deal with a Toxic Primary Caregiver offers techniques to better understand and cope with caregivers who have a way with words. Oftentimes, the focus of therapy moves into our upbringing and it can begin to sound like our parents are blamed for most of our problems. The fact of the matter is that

Help for Abusive Relationships

I was in an Abusive Relationship. Here is my story.

Once upon a time, 50 pounds ago, I was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 22 year old woman. I had just graduated from college and I was in an abusive relationship. My boyfriend was a law-school student and an alcoholic. He was really possessive and really really unstable. He never actually put his hands on me,

What is Sex Addiction?

What is Sex Addiction Really? Profiles, Treatment, and Underlying Causes

What is sex addiction, REALLY? What is the difference between Sex Addiction and Addiction? I am going to outline some basics of addiction and the three main criteria for sex addiction and treatment options. Sex addiction is a process addiction and we are looking for a change in behavior, not abstinence. We also will profile

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